Who We Are

Jon Donley Media Services is a new-media consulting firm offering a range of specialized services to professional clients, businesses, news media companies, educational institutions, private companies and non-profits. Services range from web development to content marketing, social media networking, public relations, commercial writing and reputation management. JDM has two full-time team members, plus ad-hoc specialists from a large network of journalists, editors and programmers from across the country.

Jon Donley

JDM is headed by veteran journalist and web pioneer Jon Donley, a Pulitzer Prize-winner who’s been involved with internet sites for more than 20 years. Jon began his more than 30-year career at weekly newspapers in Iowa, then moved to dailies in Texas, including a 14-year stint at the San Antonio Express-News. After nearly two decades in print journalism – as reporter, columnist, news editor, opinion editor and technical/electronic-reporting liaison – Jon moved full time into new media, founding the Express-News website. He then went on to New Orleans, to found a series of Advance Internet sites affiliated with the Times-Picayune.

An early proponent of the importance of social media and online community, Jon worked to enable the his newspaper audiences to not only passively consume, but also to actively participate and tell its own story. During Hurricane Katrina, Jon covered the storm from the Times-Picayune’s hurricane bunker and worked to keep uninterrupted news coverage online after the loss of the newspaper’s printing and delivery capability. He also directed NOLA’s expansion of social media – forums, blogs and other features to guide search and rescue efforts, reunite scattered hurricane victims, and facilitate grass-roots reporting and communication.

Jon shared in two Pulitzer Prizes in 2006 – for public service and breaking news. NOLA.com also received the first Knight Foundation Online Journalism Award for Public Service in 2006, in recognition of the site’s successful creation and nourishing of online community features that helped rescue and reunite thousands of residents. Jon is recognized by new media industry groups as an authority on community journalism, online community building and techniques for covering breaking news events with mobile, multimedia tools. He’s been a featured speaker at many industry groups, including the Knight Digital Media Center, regional press associations and the Aspen Institute.

He is based out of his homestead in rural Wilson County, Texas, near San Antonio. He balances his work in cutting-edge communications with caring for his small herd of dairy goats.

Alexander Silber

Alex Silber is JDM’s lead web developer and technician, with over 5-years of experience editing and creating custom WordPress themes and websites for a variety of groups, organizations, and companies. He began his journey into web development back in early 2000 when he was in middle school, and has since expanded his knowledge beyond basic HTML and CSS coding to include content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress, and the PHP code that makes them tick. During his time at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he was also trained extensively in creative writing, video production/editing, and online marketing.

Alex is an avid enthusiast of gaming, geek, and internet culture. He currently volunteers at the PAX East gaming convention that is hosted each year in Boston, Massachusetts, and frequents alumni gaming events such as Humans vs. Zombies and Capture the Flag run by his old student organization, Mass Games, on the UMass Amherst campus. Alex has also been seen staring at Reddit for hours on end when he isn’t off watching movies, writing extensively, or “pahking the cah at Ha-vahd Yahd.”

He works out of his home office just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Other team members

Through his extensive network of new media contacts, journalists, former staff members and contractors, Jon creates ad-hoc project teams as needed for individual projects. His network includes some of the rising stars of new media and digital communications, as well as veterans and pioneers of the internet.