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Getting on the web is easy.

Making it work for you…that takes know-how.

web-development_get-on-the-webThat’s where we come in.

You hired a web developer to set you up with a website and a Facebook page, but they just don’t seem to be doing anything for you. Your business is invisible on Google, and your customers are saying that they can’t hit your website on their cellphones. You’ve seen your competition pulling in customers from their websites, so you know it can work, but your investment has never shown a return. What do they know that you don’t?

We’ll help you figure out how to get more out of your investment, starting with a Free Website Evaluation!

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A website isn’t enough.

A lot of web developers and new media hotshots focus on the website itself as the goal. If it is live, functional and pretty, well, that’s a job well-done. But the truth of the matter is that a website isn’t the end-game for your web space – it is simply a canvas on which you need to effectively tell your story, and initiate conversation.



To succeed online, you have to learn the system

A website should be a part of your revenue – not just an expense. But before you can earn that revenue, you have to know the rules. And while your experience with the Yellow Pages, classified and display print ads, as well as radio and television ads will prove useful, it is important to understand that the web has its own rules.


We understand the rules of the web – and we’re great teachers

With over twenty-years of experience on the web and related media industries, we have the know-how to make the web work for you.

We’re constantly researching the latest web rules, tools, and practices, and creating innovative solutions to help our clients. And unlike many web developers and new media folks, we’ll teach you what you need to know to succeed on the web in the long-run, so you can make informed decisions.


web-technologyWebsite Technology

The technology on which your website is built can make a huge difference when it comes to your long-term success. We’ll look to see if your website is built on a strong foundation.

Our websites are built using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. With its easy-to-use content tools, you won’t need to touch a line of code to add text, photos, or video to your content pages. And with built-in blogging functionality, and mobile-friendliness, you’ll have no problem expanding your web reach!


website-contentContent Quality

A website is just a blank canvas without unique and compelling content. What does your content convey about your business, and does it accurately tell your story?

We’ll scour your website and your social media content to determine whether it they are living up to their full potential as connecting points with your customers, and as a way to improve your search engine visibility.


search-engine-visibilitySearch Engine Visibility

Having the best website can’t help your business if your audience can’t find you.

Are people able to easily discover you on the web using Google, Bing, Facebook, and other directory services? What is being said about you online? We’ll take a look to see where your business ranks in major keyword searches, and suggest ways in which to improve your web visibility using search engine optimization techniques, advertising, and content marketing.


web-competitionWeb Competition

What is your competition doing with their web space, and how do you compare?

We’ll take a look at your competition’s web space, gauging their web technology, content, search engine visibility, and reputation so that we can help you come up with an effective web strategy.



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