SEO – Search Engine Optimization

seo-basics-graphicWhat determines the order of websites on a search engine? How can I make sure potential customers see me? What about these companies who promise to make sure I’m at the top of Google?

The simplest answer is that from its beginning, Google created a new type of search engine designed to give high quality search results that list the most relevant sites and pages to the users’ search terms.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the collection of strategies and disciplines used to push a website as high as possible in search rankings, by using the right codes and content tools to achieve a high status.

How we can help

Jon Donley Media uses only approved “White Hat” methods to help your search engine ranking. These include:

  • Technology – We build our websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS), a platform that has received Google’s blessing as search-engine friendly. Our navigation and behind-the-scenes tagging and text tools are custom-designed to showcase your content.
  • Keyword Research – We do extensive research for each client to determine the best keywords, based on real-life local searches. We help you with translating your industry terms into language that’s being used by common people to search for your services. (This is not only vital to SEO, but also for search advertising.)
  • Onsite Content – We evaluate your content from the perspective of an experienced editor, to make sure it’s the best package possible. Remember that Google is looking for sites that provide a valuable resource for readers. We can provide content, if needed, and also set you up with training to use the blogging tool built into WordPress. Content that is updated regularly is vital to keeping the searchbots returning, giving you regular opportunities to move up in rankings.
  • Offsite Content – Google also looks at content from the internet at large to determine how much authority you have in public, and how many legitimate sites mention or link to you. We strongly encourage compelling press releases that present you as an authority in your area of expertise, and which will be distributed across many websites. And we help you optimize and capitalize on social media outlets, including setups, and even updates.
  • Monitoring and Reports – Gauging your search results isn’t a matter of Googling your site. The search has to be made under neutral conditions and across a range of the most relevant keywords. We prepare spreadsheets monthly for our SEO clients, to track the progress of sites over an extended period. While many see an immediate boost for their sites if we are correcting bad code or content, generally improvement in search ranking occurs over a matter of months. Monitoring and reporting is vital.
  • Avoiding Traps – More than any other area of the web development and support industry, SEO has attracted large-scale scams and “Black Hat” entrepreneurs. Many schemes work for a period, until Google imposes its regular crackdowns on search cheating. The Black Hats themselves can walk away to the next scheme, but the businesses using their services are often punished – even blacklisted from Google.

While your site is working its way toward higher rankings, we can help drive traffic and business leads with our search engine marketing services – specializing in Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

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