Search Engine Marketing


As a business owner, you have to be sure that you are reaching your customers at every avenue. And these days an overwhelming number of people are searching the internet to do their shopping, or even while they are shopping. If your website isn’t visible in search results, your business might get lost in the crowd.

How can I improve my website visibility in search results?

Some web development companies say search engine optimization (SEO) is key. Other companies proclaim that search engine marketing is the best way to get to the top of the search results page. The fact of the matter is that both are vital to developing an effective web presence.

The chances of a businesses website appearing high in organic search results will be much higher if they employ search engine optimization techniques when developing their website content. This is because these techniques are “best practice” and help to encourage the growth of deep, engaging, and unique website content — the kind of content that modern search engines are designed to seek out.

The trouble is that there are only so many prime positions available on results pages, and until you begin to work on your website’s search engine optimization, your site will likely not rank well — if at all. Not to mention the fact that SEO is not an exact science and can take time to affect organic search rankings.

That’s where paid search engine marketing comes in handy.

Make yourself visible with targeted Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a method of paying to get specially targeted ads placed on the top of search engine results. Most web-saavy businesses use this in addition to relying on website content and search engine optimization to improve their organic listing, because the ads offer better options for immediate calls-to-action or landing page based specials.

An example using Google Adwords:

When a person searches for “San Antonio Dentist,” or “veterinarian,” Google delivers it’s organic search results (organic results being non-paid results) down the middle of the page. At the top of the page and down the right-hand side it will also deliver advertisements that resemble organic results, linked to the same keywords that person searched.

From a shopper’s point of view, there are a lot of potential links, all related to their search. From an advertiser’s point of view, their ads are visible to the searcher, even if the business website doesn’t rank high in search results. And the best part is, using the default “Pay-per-Click” model, the business only pays for the ad if a person clicks on the advertisement to visit the business site. It’s guaranteed traffic, or you don’t pay.

Why choose us for your Search Engine Marketing?

Our web development team has had special training in search engine advertising and has successfully handled the marketing accounts for a wide variety of large and small businesses.

We sit down and analyze your site, products and competition, and do significant research to find useful keywords that relate to your website content. Our goal is to work within your budget to get you the most clicks for the lowest amount of money. And we take special care to write ads that will attract customers – we have staffers experienced in advertising copy, headline-writing, and even one with a couple of Pulitzer Prizes writing your ads.

We also provide specific tracking and documentation of your advertising results, including the cost-per-click, the click-through-rate and conversion rates. And we also educate you in the basics of how everything works, so that you understand what you are paying for.

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