Staff Internet Training


Keep your site content updated without expensive programmers

One of the biggest reasons that many business sites are dormant is that the cost of website changes traditionally has been costly. Most sites we update are early-generation HTML sites with pages that had to be coded by hand individually.

Or sites were built on old-school content-management systems that required ninjas just to log into the admin area. Paying programmers to update the content of websites is expensive.

In fact, most site changes involve updating phone numbers, or sales, or adding the latest company news. We’ll be glad to do that for you – and charge you for it – but what we really encourage is for businesses to make the website part of their staff’s job description!

We’ll be glad to discuss why this is important; aside from just the cost, it’s critical that businesses and their workers become web-savvy.

Many web developers and internet marketing firms simply hand their clients the keys to their new website without taking the time to teach them how to operate it. We don’t think that is the right way to go about things.

We can provide staff training through written, video, or on-site training tutorial sessions so that you can take care of maintaining the less technical side of your website.

All of our websites are built on WordPress, a piece of content management software that can be maintained very simply without having to constantly hire expensive programmers every time you want to change a small piece of text or add in a photo. Our sites are quite literally as easy to update as a Word document.

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