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Every year, major brands unleash their big guns for the ultimate American show – the Super Bowl. It’s tough to get attention when fans are absorbed in the big game, but brands have succeeded, with ads that leave us laughing, crying and rewatching and sharing videos long after the last play. This is the big league of marketing, and brands are capitalizing not only on clever screenplays, but on the internet environment that keeps the brand in the public eye.

The Budweiser Clydesdale ads are legendary. They don’t focus on closeups of frosty amber beer, or value prices – no product at all, except the branding. And they are watched and shared year-round.

So what does this mean for my business?

“Content Marketing” is the blanket term for providing or sharing valuable content – stories, photos, graphics, video or other features – that the public will want to read, follow and share with others. A proper content marketing strategy helps maintain an ongoing relationship with existing customers, exposes your business to potential new customers, and plays an important role in your search engine ranking.

Content Marketing takes advantage of the free distribution and interactive aspects of the internet and capitalizes on sharing via social media. Content marketing also is one of your best buffers against the impact of bad customer reviews.

Multiple benefits for business

Typically a business focuses its website content completely on product or service sales. This is crucial to your business and a valuable tool for educating potential customers as to what you can do for them. But getting people to your website for the first time is a challenge – one you try to meet through traditional marketing and advertising, as well as word of mouth.

Content marketing is a powerful tool for attracting visitors and gaining followers. Unfortunately a typical business doesn’t have the skills or resources to plan, implement or maintain a content marketing strategy. That’s where we come in.

Jon Donley Media – with its roots in web journalism – has special experience in attracting and maintaining general and niche audiences on the web. We can plan and set up a content marketing strategy that fits your business – your area of service and expertise – scaled to fit your resources.

How we help you

We provide a complete spectrum of content marketing services, including:

  • Evaluation and advice: We look at your current website and any current social media accounts, and give you expert advice on what is needed to make the web work better for you. We will also give you information you need to weigh the benefits of content marketing vs. your staff and resource limitations.
  • Tailor a strategy: We will map out an optimal plan for the strategy that makes sense to your specific business, which takes into account your resources.
  • Set-up: We will set up social media accounts and channels, including custom designs of your profile pages and channels. On your site, we will create a blog – an easy way to post articles, latest news, etc. – and connect it to social media accounts so that you write once, and the article is posted in multiple places.
  • WordPress training: Most of your staff is probably already familiar with at least one major social media site. We can train you or your staff in how to use easy publishing tools that make blogging as easy as posting to Facebook or writing an email.
  • Content training: We also can train you in the best practices for posting items that will draw readers and make people want to share them with their friends. Every read and share weighs in your favor.
  • Social media training: It’s not enough to have a Facebook page, even if it’s updated regularly. “Social” media means interaction between people (or a business or organization and people). We train you how to monitor your social media and to respond to your audience in a positive, encouraging way. We also train you about the potential downside of social media – public complaints or negative reviews. These will come even if you don’t participate, and it’s important to guard against them. (See our Reputation Management page)
  • Full service content marketing management: If you feel you don’t have the time or staff resources, but want to benefit from content marketing, we can handle part or all of your campaign, from blogging to interacting with readers.

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