How to Build a Social Media Page You Can Be Proud Of: Part 1


So you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest page for your business. That’s great! You’ve taken a big step towards improving your businesses online presence, because you’ve created more platforms for your clientele to interact with you.

But now the big question is: “How do you plan on interacting with your clientele using this new platform?”

(Don’t have a social media page for your business? Our social media / content marketing specialists are ready to help you get started!)

Social Media Pages Get Personal

How you present your business online can say a lot about how you run your business, from your service practices all the way down to your individual products. Your social media page is a much more personal platform for communicating and representing your business, so how you use it can make a huge impact on your online reputation.

The keys to social media page success are to:

  1. Provide unique, insightful, and interesting content that people will want to share
  2. Create and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clientele.

So how do you create sharable content while creating and fostering an ongoing relationship with your clientele?

You don’t have to be a Professional Writer to Succeed on Social Media

There are no real tricks to creating quality content for social media sharing – it all relies on you knowing your target audience and being able to adequately communicate with them. The best writer in the world can’t benefit your business if they don’t know your business. And no one knows your business better than you do. So let’s get cracking!

What are you offering your clientele?

You should be able to summarize what primary products/service you offer in a single sentence. Take a moment and try to figure out how you could summarize your business as though you were talking to a prospective client.

What is your primary goal of bringing your business online?

Every business venturing online should have at least one reason or goal for doing so. It might be so that your customers can find you easier, so that you can offer online ordering, provide an online project showcase, etc. What matters is that you have a focus. What is it?

Are you providing a valuable resource?

Your clientele needs a reason to want to visit your social media pages, just as they would for your main website. What can you do to make it so that they are interested in frequenting your social media page? Some businesses use social media for talking about news related to their industry, sharing funny (yet relatable) content, offering a chance to give feedback, etc. The key is to avoid blatant marketing/advertising and to start a conversation.

Brainstorm your answers to these questions

You’ll find that you’ll become a lot more focused on what makes your business unique, and that will help you narrow your potential conversation topics down to what your clientele will find most interesting and useful.

And if you still find yourself wanting a bit of additional help with your social media pages, our social media management consultants are ready and waiting to help guide you. Just call us at 210-679-1936 or contact us for a quote online, today!

Facebook Adds Much Needed ‘Edit’ Feature, But What Took So Long?


Back when Google+ launched in 2011, it was heralded as the savior of social media, mostly because it would push Facebook to implement many much needed changes in face of the high level of competition. Fast forward to fall of 2013, and Google+ isn’t really being seen as the “savior of social media” – at least, not at the moment.

And while this isn’t surprising, given the fact that most of the general population still uses Facebook over Google+, what is surprising is that Facebook has not seemed to move nimbly to try to improve its offerings. It seems happy to rest on its laurels.

Want proof?

Google+ came out of the gate with something as simple as the ability to edit post content. And Facebook is only now coming out with their own version of this feature. Two years later.

How does it work?

Simply, and fairly well. All you need to do is click the arrow to the right of your post, select “Edit,” make your changes, and hit submit.

While Facebook reigns supreme in terms of user content posting and sharing, the user experience is still seen by many as lacking. With a feature as simple as a content edit, you have to ask: “What took so long?” Shouldn’t they want to improve, and improve quickly?

Sure, we’ve seen the backlash that major software services get after implementing any minor change. But as a company dependent on content being shared, shouldn’t Facebook try to fix what isn’t working in a fast manner so that their competition can’t take advantage?

Maybe we just live in a Facebook world, and they know we won’t quit living in it. Voice your opinion in the comments below!

Twitter to Go Public: Does it affect you?


On September 12th, 2013, Twitter announced (in a Tweet no less) that they were filing for an IPO. But what does this mean for your Twitter account? Does it mean anything at all?

There is no way to tell. But before you grab your pitchforks and smartphones to tweet about how useless this blog post is, hear me out: If it is anything like the Facebook IPO, we’re in for a lot more monetization and sponsored content. But maybe that’s okay, from a marketing standpoint!

Twitter’s userbase was built on the promise of connecting to the rich, famous, and powerful

It’s true! How cool did it initially feel to be able to “follow” Ricky Gervais, or your favorite sports or movie star? You know it felt pretty nifty. After all, it was like you were friends with celebrities! You could hear what they had to say, and then had the opportunity to be heard or – gasp – responded to by them. Simply wonderful.

Then came the business uses of Twitter for support and announcements

It didn’t matter if you were a mom and pop shop or a major corporation like Comcast. If you wanted to do business, it was helpful to have a place to talk directly with your customers. They loved the somewhat personal nature, and the companies liked the positive public relations for rectifying problems in creative ways.

Which also led to some pretty crazy PR nightmares…

But mostly, the use of Twitter for business has been fairly positive. In fact, Twitter began to monetize by offering “Promoted Tweets,” and “Promoted Hashtags.” It was a discreet, but interesting way of reaching out and marketing to users without getting in their face.

So what does this history have to do with the Twitter IPO?

Well, I’m willing to wager that the IPO will mean that we are more likely to see additional “Promoted” advertisements.

Facebook went ahead and added advertisements all throughout their site, including the login pages and now even in your photo feeds. While I sincerely hope that Twitter doesn’t stoop to the super intense level of ads that Facebook has on its pages, they could certainly be helpful for businesses trying to advertise on social media.

But aren’t most of the sponsored Twitter ads paid for by large corporations?

Yes, they absolutely are. You see a lot fewer small businesses getting in on the action for paid advertising on Twitter simply because of the lack of ad spaces available. (Which drives up the worth and cost)

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Twitter invest in more localized targeted advertisements for particular hashtags – much like how search engine giants like Google and Bing use keywords in search to target advertisements. It just makes sense.
So ultimately the Twitter IPO could be huge – it could provide another avenue for small businesses to reach new customers with advertising. Or it could just end up being another play for large corporations. Only time will tell!

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Genesis 2.0 Improves Website SEO Potential


Wowza, another web development news update!

Following last week’s release of WordPress 3.6, the Genesis website framework has been updated to version 2.0, offering a slew of new features that could improve your website’s SEO potential as well as load speed, and security.

If you are a client of Jon Donley Media, your website is already running Genesis 2.0 and will be converted to optimally use its features in the coming weeks.

What’s new in Genesis 2.0?

There were a ton of improvements made behind the scenes but these two are the ones that will impact your website the most, once we are able to implement them.

  • HTML5 Support
  • Microdata

What are those? They sound like techno-babble!

That’s because the words are techno-babble. But the important thing to know is that this particular techno-babble will help make your site better optimized for website visitors and improve your SEO potential.

In other words: your website will work better and will be found by search engines much more easily. And that is pretty nifty!

Tell me about HTML5 Support

To put it simply, HTML5 standards will help to make your website display content more consistently across browsers and devices – especially video and audio content. This helps you to deliver your message more uniformly!

Tell me about this Microdata stuff

Modern search engines come up with their rankings by scouring the web and searching the code and content for the most relevant content based on their own algorithms. Microdata enhances your website’s SEO potential by allowing us to classify important elements on your content pages, so that search engines can better recognize what they are seeing.

This means that search engines can understand the context of your website better, and present their users (your potential customers) with better search results!

What do I have to do?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Your web development team at Jon Donley Media is on the job, working to update your websites to these new standards, so long as you are still an active client. So sit back, relax, and celebrate your website’s improved potential!

What is HTML5?

The Simple Answer:

HTML5 is the new standard for HTML, which stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.”

Expanded Answer:

This new standard focuses on making websites less dependent on external plugins (such as Adobe Flash) for handling multimedia, streamlining markup for quicker page load time, and adding a variety of new features based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript.

WordPress 3.6 Released, and “Oscar” is no Slouch


This past week, released version 3.6 of its WordPress software, dubbed “Oscar.” It offers a number of new features designed to improve and streamline blogging functionality, as well as collaborative publishing efforts.

Jon Donley Media Clients: WordPress version 3.6 is being rolled out among all of our websites and will be running on all of them by the end of the week.

So what does 3.6 change about my website?

If you’re a Jon Donley Media web development client, not much will change, and nothing will be visibly different on the visitor side of your website. The changes are all behind-the-scenes, and impact content generation and management – so unless you’re in the back-end of your site, everything looks the same!

WordPress 3.6 features:

  • Revamped Revision management
    Instead of clicking and going through multiple page loads to see what changed on a page/post, you can see who edited what, and when, all in one place
  • Built in HTML5 Media Player
    Simply copy and paste a link from popular websites such as: YouTube, Vimeo, or even direct links to audio or video files, and the built-in HTML5 Media Player will handle setting up the player for you
  • Post-Locking and Autosave
    It can be tricky to create and manage your content with multiple people at the helm. The new Post-Locking and Autosave features will help you make sure that you don’t lose any content!
  • Updated Menu Editor
  • Security updates and patches!

Have any questions? Concerns?

Don’t hesitate to post in the comments below, on our social media pages, or by contacting us directly!

We’re Not Perfect – Web Consultants Forget to Blog Too


We’ve been busy.

As web development and media consultants we’ve been known to say that the key to any successful website is to write good content, and keep writing good content. Consistently.

Seeing as how this is our first blog post since January, we have put ourselves into an awkward position. Simply put, we look like we’re not practicing what we preach. But this doesn’t make the ‘content is important’ message any less true.

In fact, it helps to show how difficult regularly producing content can be — especially for small business owners focused on their core products and services.

Focusing on your core product isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes you need to do a bit more

We’ve been working so hard on client projects that we have neglected to improve our own offerings and online visibility. It isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, providing quality service to our customers is our top concern – as it should be for you and your own business.

But the fact of the matter is that sometimes you just have to give yourself a little time and focus on self-improvement.

It’s never too late to create compelling content.

We’ve recently begun rolling out a brand-new website design on to help focus ourselves on our own content offerings and set a better example for what you, the small business owner, could do to improve your online presence.

But as we tell our own clients, a fresh web design isn’t going to work miracles. You have to focus and work hard at promoting your message through producing new content.

And that is just what we intend to do.

We are relaunching the Support/Tutorials segment of our website to focus on presenting frequently asked questions in both text and video formats. You will begin to see these posts popping up in the coming weeks.

In addition, we are expanding the scope of our blog to include not only the latest news from Jon Donley Media, but the world of WordPress, social media, content marketing, public relations, and helpful tips and tricks for improving your businesses online presence.

But what are you doing differently to actually get yourselves to create?

This might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but the trick is to simply not overthink the process.

It can be hard to sit yourself down and write (believe me, I know), but if you can spare a half-hour to an hour for a TV show or sitting on Facebook, you can spare a half-hour to an hour each day to crank out at least a draft of a blog post.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to start out as a blog post.

Just write a bunch of gobbledy-gook about something that seems remotely relevant to your business. Chances are good you’ll come out with something that someone will find useful. If not, don’t sweat it. The topic will come to you.

Just sit down, try to relax, and let go.

And remember — quality is more important than quantity.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve you better

If there is something that you’d like to see on our blog, support/tutorial area, or even on our social media pages, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking to improve, and we sincerely hope that you find the new to be a helpful resource for your business.