Benefits of WordPress

Easy to use

WordPress was designed so that you could focus less on developing your website code and more on developing your website content. In fact, you can create and edit content without touching a single line of code, using a visual editor!

Open-Source and widely supported

Because WordPress is open-source, a large community of web developers have formed to provide support for WordPress powered blogs and websites. While we hope that you stick with us, this gives you plenty of options for help down the road!

Large library of plugins and function extensions

Whether you are looking to add a photo gallery or a subscription paywall, WordPress has a variety of plugins to choose from so that you can have the functionality that you need for your website. And many of them are available for free!

Updated regularly for increased security

There is nothing worse than having to worry about the safety and security of your technology. Thanks to the wide support that WordPress receives from web developers and its community, preventative security updates are a regular occurrence, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your website. (And there are plenty of security plugins available to add further protection!)

Some WordPress websites that we’ve built