How to Build a Social Media Page You Can Be Proud Of: Part 1


So you have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest page for your business. That’s great! You’ve taken a big step towards improving your businesses online presence, because you’ve created more platforms for your clientele to interact with you.

But now the big question is: “How do you plan on interacting with your clientele using this new platform?”

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Social Media Pages Get Personal

How you present your business online can say a lot about how you run your business, from your service practices all the way down to your individual products. Your social media page is a much more personal platform for communicating and representing your business, so how you use it can make a huge impact on your online reputation.

The keys to social media page success are to:

  1. Provide unique, insightful, and interesting content that people will want to share
  2. Create and maintain an ongoing relationship with your clientele.

So how do you create sharable content while creating and fostering an ongoing relationship with your clientele?

You don’t have to be a Professional Writer to Succeed on Social Media

There are no real tricks to creating quality content for social media sharing – it all relies on you knowing your target audience and being able to adequately communicate with them. The best writer in the world can’t benefit your business if they don’t know your business. And no one knows your business better than you do. So let’s get cracking!

What are you offering your clientele?

You should be able to summarize what primary products/service you offer in a single sentence. Take a moment and try to figure out how you could summarize your business as though you were talking to a prospective client.

What is your primary goal of bringing your business online?

Every business venturing online should have at least one reason or goal for doing so. It might be so that your customers can find you easier, so that you can offer online ordering, provide an online project showcase, etc. What matters is that you have a focus. What is it?

Are you providing a valuable resource?

Your clientele needs a reason to want to visit your social media pages, just as they would for your main website. What can you do to make it so that they are interested in frequenting your social media page? Some businesses use social media for talking about news related to their industry, sharing funny (yet relatable) content, offering a chance to give feedback, etc. The key is to avoid blatant marketing/advertising and to start a conversation.

Brainstorm your answers to these questions

You’ll find that you’ll become a lot more focused on what makes your business unique, and that will help you narrow your potential conversation topics down to what your clientele will find most interesting and useful.

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