Facebook Adds Much Needed ‘Edit’ Feature, But What Took So Long?


Back when Google+ launched in 2011, it was heralded as the savior of social media, mostly because it would push Facebook to implement many much needed changes in face of the high level of competition. Fast forward to fall of 2013, and Google+ isn’t really being seen as the “savior of social media” – at least, not at the moment.

And while this isn’t surprising, given the fact that most of the general population still uses Facebook over Google+, what is surprising is that Facebook has not seemed to move nimbly to try to improve its offerings. It seems happy to rest on its laurels.

Want proof?

Google+ came out of the gate with something as simple as the ability to edit post content. And Facebook is only now coming out with their own version of this feature. Two years later.

How does it work?

Simply, and fairly well. All you need to do is click the arrow to the right of your post, select “Edit,” make your changes, and hit submit.

While Facebook reigns supreme in terms of user content posting and sharing, the user experience is still seen by many as lacking. With a feature as simple as a content edit, you have to ask: “What took so long?” Shouldn’t they want to improve, and improve quickly?

Sure, we’ve seen the backlash that major software services get after implementing any minor change. But as a company dependent on content being shared, shouldn’t Facebook try to fix what isn’t working in a fast manner so that their competition can’t take advantage?

Maybe we just live in a Facebook world, and they know we won’t quit living in it. Voice your opinion in the comments below!