WordPress 3.6 Released, and “Oscar” is no Slouch


This past week, WordPress.org released version 3.6 of its WordPress software, dubbed “Oscar.” It offers a number of new features designed to improve and streamline blogging functionality, as well as collaborative publishing efforts.

Jon Donley Media Clients: WordPress version 3.6 is being rolled out among all of our websites and will be running on all of them by the end of the week.

So what does 3.6 change about my website?

If you’re a Jon Donley Media web development client, not much will change, and nothing will be visibly different on the visitor side of your website. The changes are all behind-the-scenes, and impact content generation and management – so unless you’re in the back-end of your site, everything looks the same!

WordPress 3.6 features:

  • Revamped Revision management
    Instead of clicking and going through multiple page loads to see what changed on a page/post, you can see who edited what, and when, all in one place
  • Built in HTML5 Media Player
    Simply copy and paste a link from popular websites such as: YouTube, Vimeo, or even direct links to audio or video files, and the built-in HTML5 Media Player will handle setting up the player for you
  • Post-Locking and Autosave
    It can be tricky to create and manage your content with multiple people at the helm. The new Post-Locking and Autosave features will help you make sure that you don’t lose any content!
  • Updated Menu Editor
  • Security updates and patches!

Have any questions? Concerns?

Don’t hesitate to post in the comments below, on our social media pages, or by contacting us directly!