You Just ‘Liked’ Us and it is Crazy

But Here’s Some Content, Share it Maybe?


When it comes to marketing your business online, your website content is ultimately the key to your success. It is what your audience is on the internet for, so it had better be unique, engaging, easy-to-read, and informative. Without effective content, a website has no meaning and no purpose – especially when it comes to online marketing.

Think about it:

Whenever you find something funny, unique, or interesting on the internet, do you often tell your friends and family about it? Do you share it on your favorite social media website, or show approval by giving that something a ‘Like,’ ‘Retweet,’ or ‘+1?’ If your answer was yes to any of that, then you are participating in what is known as content marketing.

What can content marketing do for me?

social-media-sharingIdeally, content marketing can draw positive attention to what your business has to offer. And when done well, it also can provide ample search engine optimization (SEO) benefits, which can help to further spread your businesses name to those looking for related products/services.

With the right web marketing strategy and setup, such as that provided by the San Antonio web development specialists at Jon Donley Media, this can lead to new or increased business.

How do I use content marketing to my advantage?

  1. Provide essential information in unique ways

    If you can provide the general information that your audience is looking for in a way that is unique, exciting, and easy-to-understand, offer incentives to act on what they’ve learned.

    Attach a selling line that wraps up the topic of discussion, complete with a call-to-action such as a phone number or contact form. Or put the piece of content in a unique format, such as an infographic that can be easily shared.

  2. Become a catalyst for discussion

    Bring up a news story that is loosely related to your industry and start raising some questions for your audience to begin to answer.

    You’ll find that by starting a healthy, well-framed discussion, your audience will have a renewed energy for what you have to offer, which can be funneled into bringing some attention to your business.

  3. Bring some fun to everyone

    One of the more common content marketing tactics is to simply share fun things that relate to your business. Things like cute animal photos with punchy text, memes, funny videos, related comics, etc. are well-liked by people and are one of the most common forms of content that will be ‘Liked,’ ‘+1’ed,’ ‘Retweeted,’ ‘Shared,’ and so on.

    This means more potential views for that piece of content, so make sure that you include a subtle follow-through action opportunity like a website address or business name within the content if possible.

Where can I get help with my content marketing?

Jon Donley Media is ready to assist you with all of your content marketing and content production needs with our blogging, website content development, social media management, and reputation management services. In addition, we also frequently blog our content production tips and tricks.

If you’re ready to talk to us about content marketing services, simply call: 210-679-1936 or contact us online. We can’t wait to help you get started!