Why Google Authorship Should Inspire You to Blog More


Web developers and internet marketers everywhere have been saying for quite some time now that ‘content is king’ when it comes to effectively search engine optimizing (SEO) a website. And now the proof has been published by search engine giant Google, in the form of a new service: Google Authorship.

Jon Donley Media’s team of San Antonio search engine optimization specialists are ready to help you best utilize Google Authorship, and improve your website content’s reach. Read on to learn more, or contact us online/call us at: 210-679-1936.

What is Google Authorship?

Google Authorship is a new way for Google to confirm the validity of information posted to the internet, by attaching articles to ‘known conversation leaders’ on any particular topic, using a personal Google+ social media profile and attaching it to a verified website email address.

The goal of this connection between the Google+ author profile and that author’s content is to help improve search results and better connect the author with their intended audience.

We know that +1’s (Google+’s version of ‘Liking’ something) can help contribute to search engine placement for a site under related keywords. The theory for Google Authorship is that by tying an author’s profile with their content, searchers are more likely to ‘+1’ content that is found relevant to their initial search. Google is hoping that this will help to improve search engine results (as well as add to their number of Google+ users).

How can you tell if Google Authorship is helping my content?

You can see when an author has a Google+ profile connected using Google Authorship by seeing their profile picture next to the article headline within search results.

But quite frankly, like all search engine optimization efforts, Google Authorship improvements aren’t guaranteed as the scientific rules are not made available to us by search engines like Google. The goal is to simply improve website content quality, and position it so that things like titles and keywords used make logical sense.

So what should I do in order to set up Google Authorship?

As this is a highly personalized service that is connected to a blog author’s personal Google+ profile, Jon Donley Media does not automatically set up connectivity with each new client web development project.

If you are interested in personally blogging on your website (which we always highly recommend along with our blogging services), we suggest that you register a Google+ account and then contact us online or by phone at 210-679-1936 so we can help you set up Google Authorship. It is fast, free, and painless, so what are you waiting for?