How WordPress 3.5’s Media Library is New and Improved

Wordpress Media Library Update

Make your work flow more efficient with the new Media Library

WordPress developer Automattic has unleashed version 3.5 of its popular content management system, aiming to improve a slew of features – most notably it’s already stellar WordPress Media Library. And we have to say, the updates are definitely noticeable.

What’s different about WordPress 3.5?

For the most part, not much that would be noticeable by casual users. The developers have added some admin panel enhancements such as support for Apple’s Retina displays, hiding the Link Manager, and additional accessibility tools, but the real head turner is the rebuilt WordPress Media Library.

(Read full WordPress 3.5 Changelog)

New WordPress Media Library is simply more efficient

The first thing you’ll notice about the new WordPress Media Library is the streamlined interface that greets you when you want to add an image into a blog post or page. The menu lies on the left side, offering you options to Insert Media, Create a Gallery, Set Featured Image, or Insert media from URL. You no longer have to click separate links to add different types of media!

In addition, your library of existing media is instantly presented in thumbnail form, with details along the right side of the panel, minimizing the need to click and wait for a new window to load.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and log into your website and check out the new WordPress Media Library, and let us know if you find any more goodies!

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