How to Make Your Website a Resource, Not an Advertisement

san-antonio-website-content-strategySo you’ve got a brand new web development project underway, with a goal of establishing your business’ web presence. That’s great! Congratulations. You’ll be joining the thousands to hundreds of thousands of other businesses that have decided that it is in their best interests to make the push to the digital realm.

What’s that? Feeling a bit nervous about the thousands to hundreds of thousands of businesses that have set out to do the same thing? Good. But don’t panic!

While there are undoubtedly many competitors in your space, the chances are very good that these competitors have orchestrated their website content to sound more like an advertisement and less like an educational resource. We’ll show you how focusing your tone on education and less on advertising will help you differentiate your website and website content, and raise your web presence above the rest of the crowd.

Grab their attention, invite them to stay

Many content marketing firms will advise that you build your site content around the keywords relevant to your business, so that your website ranks better on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And while that is valid advice, it will prove to be useless if your website content isn’t focused around what the user is looking for. You have to grab a user’s attention in organic search listings (non-paid results) using quality titles and descriptions, and then invite them to stay with unique, relevant, and easy-to-read website content that fulfills their needs.

Stick with what you know users want — at least at first.

For instance: If you are a cosmetic dentistry clinic, you will want to provide the basic information about your practice: office hours, services offered, and contact information. These are the bare necessities to making your website useful for both your audience and for your business.

Think about it. If your customers (or potential customers) are looking for a local cosmetic dentist and discover your website, these pieces of information could be what they use to choose you and then take action.

Build on what you’ve established, and prove that you are the essential resource

Now that you have attracted your target audience and provided the basic information that they need, try to keep them on your site with expanded content and coverage, and so they want to come back for more.

Going back to our original example of a cosmetic dentistry clinic: we have the basic services detailed – but now we can get specific. What kinds of questions might people ask about that service? For instance: “What is the difference between in-house teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening?” “Why should I replace my missing teeth?” It is helpful to try to cover questions that might commonly be asked, because these are typically what people will search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

By answering related questions and providing additional coverage, you not only show your audience that you offer a product/service, but you also show them that you are an authoritative voice on the subject. This builds credibility, as well as potentially improving your search engine ranking.

Make sure your tone is well-focused

It is in your best interests to make sure that your website content has a tone that is friendly, educational, and easy-to-understand. You want your audience to feel comfortable, and build the feeling that you are the quintessential resource and voice on a subject.

If your tone sounds too much like an advertisement, the information that you are trying to provide will feel gimmicky and your audience will be less invested overall. It is best to leave the marketing tone for landing pages and search engine marketing.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll find that your audience will be much more interested in what you have to say – and you’ll reap the benefits!

I’m looking to establish my web presence with a brand new website or website content

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