Manage Your Website Content on the Go: WordPress App for iOS Gives You Total Control

The web development community has been pushing businesses and organizations towards mobile websites more and more over the past few years, as more and more consumers began to wield smartphones and tablets and demand to be able to easily access information anywhere and at any time.

And as your local San Antonio web development consultants, we have been staying ahead of the curve. We have adopted new web development strategies, tactics, and mobile-friendly technologies, so that we could showcase your content effectively to your audience no matter what device they use. But the one thing that we found ourselves wanting was a way to help you manage your website content on the go.

This is why we are pleased to announce that Automattic, the creators of WordPress (the open-source content management system that we use on client websites) has recently made it significantly easier for content producers to manage their website content from their iOS based mobile devices.

Easily Publish Pages and Posts from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

The WordPress app has been available for iOS based devices for quite some time, but it wasn’t until this latest update (version 3.3) that the app became truly useable. It is simple to use, extremely fast, and enables you to create and edit text and upload images to your WordPress website.

It works remarkably like the full WordPress dashboard that you experience on a desktop browser, with a left-hand navigation menu that allows you to manage Posts, Pages, and Comments. Support for third-party plugins such as Next-Gen Gallery does not exist quite yet, though we are hopeful it will be developed eventually.

Can’t I just access the full WordPress Dashboard on my mobile browser?

You can access the full WordPress Dashboard from your mobile browser on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, but it isn’t designed specifically for mobile.

So while you can go in and tweak settings and content established during your initial web development build, it will require a bit of pinching and zooming. We are excited because the WordPress app just makes it so much simpler and more elegant to produce and edit content.

How do I get the WordPress app to work for my website?

If you are one of our San Antonio web development customers, you will need to contact us so that we can enable the XML-RPC remote publishing protocols that the mobile application requires to access your website. We typically keep this functionality disabled by default for security purposes, but will be more than happy to enable it!

You will also need to go onto the app store and download the “Wordpress” application. It will ask you for your website domain (the address, such as and your username and password.

You should then be able to save the information and be able to write and edit your content on the go!


I’m interested in a new, mobile-friendly web development project

That’s great! Jon Donley Media is a leader in providing easy-to-use, affordable, mobile-friendly websites for small businesses and organizations of all types. Simply contact us today online or call us at 210-679-1936, and we’ll help you get started!