Why No One Can Find Your Website (And What to Do About It)

So you’ve created a website, but you’re noticing that you are getting few visitors. You go to Google, Bing, and Yahoo to try and find your site, but it doesn’t appear within the first few pages of the results. You ask yourself: “Why can no one find my website? What can I do about it?”

Establishing a successful web presence is a multi-step process, but the preferred first step for improving search engine visibility is through search engine optimizing (SEO) your website.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization consists of many tools and techniques necessary to improve your site’s visibility on search engine results.

Jon Donley Media, a San Antonio web development company, specializes in creating comprehensive web strategies designed to help establish your web presence. We can help you produce your on-site content, and teach you how to search engine optimize it so that your audience can find you.

How do you search engine optimize a website?

It typically consists of:

  1. Quality, keyword infused content produced on a regular basis
  2. Keyword infused page title tags and descriptions
  3. Internal/external site linking
  4. Well thought out site structure and navigation
  5. Directory site listings and user reviews
  6. Social media tie-ins.

But it is important to note that SEO tactics are ever changing, and you can’t rest on your laurels, because search engines are constantly changing what elements influence their results in an attempt to try and improve.

What is the key to proper website search engine optimization?

The key is to make a website that is worth visiting.

Your content is king, and you should treat it as such. If you ensure that your content is interesting, useful, of sound quality, and incorporating SEO techniques, you are more likely to be better represented in search results.

And if you are unsure of your content creating abilities, Jon Donley Media has a professional writing and blogging team available to help develop your content the right way, and incorporate it with SEO best practices.