Easily Publish Valuable Content to the Web


When it comes to building an effective and long-lasting web presence, it is essential that you generate quality content through a series of channels, and do it on a regular basis.

For many small businesses, content is created and then posted solely through a social media outlet such as Facebook or Twitter. And who can blame them? These social media sites were built to be easy-to-use and have the potential to reach a lot of people, very quickly.

But what these business owners don’t realize is that by limiting the reach of their content to one or two third-party controlled channels, they are losing much of their content’s potential long-term value.

The content ownership and ease-of-use “problem” can be solved by building an effective web presence off of a solid, simple, and flexible content management system such as WordPress, great content — and then you can team it up with some great social network community building.

Regain control over your content

You could be losing the full potential value of your content by posting to social media alone, because you have a certain lack of control on these sites. Ownership rules are hazy, and who knows whether they will go the way of Friendster, MySpace, or any other of the many dead/dying social media websites out there, taking your content with them.

This is not meant to dissuade you from using social media. As a matter of fact, social media can be really useful when it comes to managing another important aspect of your web presence – your online reputation.

But it is not wise to put all of your content eggs into one basket site. You have to be able to control your published content without any hassle, without losing its inherent value. So that’s why we’ve made managing the content of your website as simple as managing a Microsoft Word document.

Want to create a new static webpage on your site?

  • Log into your website dashboard, and click “Add New Page” under the “Pages” tab.

Want to create a new blog post on your site?

  • Log into your website dashboard, and click “Add New Post” under the “Posts” tab.

It’s that simple!

Format your content with no fuss

The text editor that we incorporate into each of our client sites features all the tools you’d expect from a word processor. You can easily create headlines, link text to a website or email address, align paragraphs around images…the possibilities are nearly endless.

And you have the ability to save drafts of your work without publishing them! That can be really handy when you’re constantly on the go and want to truly perfect that piece of content that you’re writing.

All the features you expect–and more– with the ease of using a word processor!

Any website built with the WordPress content management system is capable of embedding multimedia directly into pages and posts. This is because there is a fully-featured multimedia library capability built right in the code, allowing for anything from images to audio to even video to be uploaded directly to your website for visitors to download.

And with the power of WordPress’ open-source community of plugin developers, as well as our deployment knowledge and experience, we can make it possible to easily stream content from third-party websites such as Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo, as well as have feeds that display your latest Twitter posts, Facebook shares, and more!

If you need help, we’re just a phone call away!

We are always ready to help our clients publish their content to the web with easy-to-understand, hands-on internet training. If you need help with understanding your website, social media profiles, or massive email blasts — we’ll get your going, with no fuss. Our goal is to help you to develop your web presence, no matter what step of the process you’re stuck on.