Master Your Domain: Get Control of Your Website Content

Keeping your website updated can be quite pricey—in the old days of hand-coded webpages at least. These websites required web developers and programmers to change even the slightest detail, from adding in a new photo to changes as small as tweaking your content to add in a missing comma. Such development efforts took up valuable time and cost website owners a pretty penny.

But this is no longer the case. At least, it isn’t the case if you’re working with the right people.

Make your website management more affordable

wordpress-logo-largeThanks to modern content management systems like WordPress, a piece of web based software designed to make content production and site management less clumsy and coding intensive, anyone can create/edit/manage content without needing a web coding or programming background.

As web developers ourselves, we’ll be more than happy to help you manage your website and its content for a reasonable price, but we believe that it is critical that a business and its employees are tech-savvy when it comes to their website. That is why we offer easy-to-understand website training to interested clients.

Web Developers that won’t leave you hanging

There are many web development companies that design, code, and develop the content for your website and then disappear when the project is complete, leaving you in a ditch when you need help with your site in the future.

Unlike many internet marketing firms, when we’ve completed a WordPress website development project for a client, we don’t just hand you the keys to your website and wish you luck. We believe that you deserve the opportunity to learn how to best utilize this new tool for your business and how it works at a basic level.

We can provide your employees with written, video, or on-site training sessions so that your business can be self-sufficient when it comes to maintaining the less technical sides of your website—like your written page content, and photo galleries.

So don’t let a lack of knowledge hold your business’ budget hostage—get informed and take control of your domain with our easy-to-understand website training!


If you are interested in our Website Training services, or converting your website to WordPress, please contact us today online or call: 210-679-1936.