Mobilize Your Content for Your Customers

It should come as no surprise to hear that more and more people are accessing the internet using smart phones and other mobile devices as mobile technology becomes more powerful, and affordable. Everyone and their respective family members are using their phones and tablets to access websites to read the news, shop, watch videos, and socialize with friends and business associates. So why is it that so many businesses are failing to recognize this trend when it comes time to design and develop their websites?

Internet usage statistic provider StatCounter has reported a significant leap in mobile browsing use versus desktop use from around 3.26% to 9.11% in a little over two years, spanning from May 2010 to May 2012. While 9.11% for mobile internet use doesn’t compare to 90.89% for desktops, it does show a general trend towards mobility – one that businesses should keep in mind when it comes to making an investment in their respective internet marketing space.

Up until very recently the options for creating a mobile website were very limited in both use and scope, thanks to the rapid development times of new technologies and the lack of mobile standards.

Businesses could go one of two routes: 1.) build a mobile application, or 2.) build a mobile version of the website. Both options were very limited, and could be very pricey with little to no guarantee that it would keep up with the constantly changing mobile internet standards.

The mobile choices up until recently:

Mobile apps are developed for one mobile operating system or another, with no cross-platform use possible outside of developing a separate version. And with operating system versions constantly being pushed out, it can be costly to upkeep.


Mobile websites had many of the same issues, with separate versions being made to accommodate various mobile operating systems and hardware configurations. There was no guarantee that the content that worked on one device would work on another. And keeping up with the demands for more desktop-like functionality could be a nightmare.

But that isn’t necessarily the case any longer, thanks to mobile responsive website design and development.

Responsive website design offers the best of both worlds

Mobile responsive websites behave much like liquid poured into a container – they adapt to fill in the available space while still retaining their original properties. This means that the website you view on your desktop computer at home will be the same thing that you could view on a tablet, or a phone, but the layout would automatically adjust to best fit the container.

This type of website design and development requires significantly less investment and development time in comparison to mobile website or mobile app development, and is much easier to maintain. And coupled with effective, responsive designed landing pages and content, your businesses website can attract customers both at home and on the go.

Jon Donley Media is proud to offer this innovative new design and development format to all of our existing and incoming clients. Whether you’re looking to convert your WordPress website to be responsive or convert your website to a responsive WordPress site, we want you to be at the forefront of this new mobile internet market.

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