Creating/Editing Pages & Posts

Now that your website is up and running, you may want to make some changes and additions to your content.

In WordPress, content is separated into two types: blog posts, and pages.

  • Pages represent static content, typically linked to directly from the navigation menu.
  • Blog posts are more dynamic pieces of content—typically used to communicate less formally, but more frequently, with your audience.

Getting started

  1. Log into your website.
  2. Once you are logged into your website and can see the “WordPress Dashboard,” hover over either “Posts” or “Pages” depending on which you plan on working with. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will work with “Pages.”
  3. If you wish to edit a pre-existing page, click on “All Pages.” If you wish to add a new page, click on “Add New.” For the purpose of this tutorial, we will edit a pre-existing page.


Choose what you would like to do

  1. When the “All Pages” screen loads, you will see a list of all the pages that currently exist on your website. By hovering over any page title with your mouse cursor, you can choose to “Edit,” “Quick Edit,” “Trash,” and “Preview.”

    These options also exist for blog posts.


  2. For the purpose of this tutorial, click “Edit.”
  3. Once the “Page Editor” has opened, you will see that the editor resembles Microsoft Word. There is a main content area, a title bar, and a variety of formatting options available, such as bolding, italics, linking, and more.


  4. On the right hand side you will see options for “Save Draft,” “Preview,” and “Publish” as well as a few other options. For right now, familiarize yourself with those three buttons as they are the most important for saving your newly added or edited content.
  5. At the top of the editor there are additional icons that offer the inclusion of other features into your page/post, such as forms, images, etc. Keep an eye out for future tutorials on how to add these features to your content arsenal.

Congratulations! You now know how to create/edit pages and posts!