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Web Development, Design, Management, and Consulting

We are a new-media consulting firm that specializes in developing web spaces for businesses, professional clients, and non-profits.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a web space for years or if you’re looking to build one from the ground up — we’ll work with you to evaluate your goals and discuss your options, so that you can make your web space work for you.


Web Development

Nearly 9 out of 10 of your clients begin shopping for your services on the internet. A significant and growing portion of these use mobile devices. An old-fashioned web site that’s hard to find, or hard to use, may cause some to just skip to the next service providor. At JDM, all of our sites are solid and mobile ready, and built on a platform that’s been optimized for search ranking and easy for you to update.

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Search Marketing/Search Ranking

Search marketing – such as Google Adwords – and search engine optimization (SEO) work along with content marketing to drive customers to your site. With our special Google training, we can get the most from your marketing dollar on the web – while working at the same time with our package of tools to improve your search ranking.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing covers a wide range of sharing and publishing content – both on your site and outside – that attracts customers. From Facebook to YouTube videos, press releases, Twitter, Pinterest and onsite blogging – content marketing is a key factor in search ranking and standing out from the crowdn. We supply a full range of services, from setting up your social media, staff training, and producing ongoing content designed to make you shine.

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Public Relations/Reputation

Few things can hurt your business more quickly than bad reviews on public review sites. We are experienced in reputation management problems – and can give you solid advice on what you can – and can’t – do about it. We provide reputation monitoring services so you aren’t caught off guard, and also help you set up systems to guard against problems up front.

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